Monthly Archives: November 2014

my awesome life


1.) The spousal unit cut his mom (and majority of the family) off after one too many fucked up things happened. It was a minor infraction, but it was the straw the broke his poor abused back. I support him 100% in his decision. I never fully understood how he could ever even allow his mom back in his life after all the shit she pulled in his childhood but it wasn’t my decision to make, only to support it. Here we are now at the holidays and guess what? NO DRAMA! No fighting over who’s house we’re going to for whatever day! NO BULLSHIT! Happy fucking holidays to me!!!!!!!!
2.) Following that line of thinking and realizing my mom is moving out of the area soon, I asked for a small and tiny Thanksgiving at our house. Wish granted: just me, mom, my brother, and my husband. And the dog and cat. I really need to erase last Thanksgiving from my memory banks and this is just the trick to do it. We went grocery shopping on Saturday and there’s now a 14 pound turkey in my fridge.
3.) I cut my own hair following a pinterest posting last weekend. I liked it the first day and then it didn’t live up to the first day’s awesomeness so I got sad. When I got out of the shower this weekend I just decided “fuck it, I’m gonna cut another 4 inches off” and I did it and holy shit, I could have been saving myself so much money over the years! I can also keep it this length very easily or let it grow out. I’m insanely happy over this revelation and insanely happy that I have control over this.
4.) I normally hate people who decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving (there’s a person across the parking lot from us who’s had wreaths up in their windows since November 1st!) but having my own new home now I kinda want to decorate early. And then I realized that Chanukah is almost always earlier than Christmas and DUH, I have to get a jump on the lights because it’s the Festival of Lights!
5.) I still haven’t finished my fucking tattoo. its like 75% done and I can’t live with it the way it is. The problem? I have to cram all 25% of the rest of it into a final session and take a whole day because I can’t afford another staff infection outbreak. I’ve got a prescription for antibiotics to take before I start the next session to help prevent that but I can only take these meds a few more times before my body develops a resistance to the meds. Keep in mind my infection was about 2 steps down from MRSA – it tested resistant to 95% of everything that MRSA tests for. I also have to finish this before I start IVF but seeing as I’m still 25 pounds from my required IVF weight, I think I have a little window of opportunity to finish.
6.) Dean told me that while he loves our dog and his dog (that lives with this dad), he would be absolutely fine never having another dog when Nola moves on. He’s a cat person and would be happy with a few of them in the house. It was in that exact moment that I realized how perfect we are for each other because despite the love I have for Nola and how much it will kill me when she’s gone, I never was a dog person. She turned me into a Nola person, but I’m not sure I’m fully converted to canines. I don’t think I will know until there isn’t one in my house – I’ve never lived without dogs or cats. Just knowing my husband could live without ever having another dog warmed the cockles of my heart.
7.) The honeymoon stage of home ownership hasn’t faded yet. Yes, I say that despite discovering 6 of the 10 light fixtures were lacking junction boxes (fire hazard), living up 3 flights of stairs, having a parking lot where NO ONE knows how to park, not having dumpsters for trash, and hating the paint job in 50% of our home but hating painting so much myself that I refuse to do anymore. But you know what? I’ve done so much work to our place so far that it’s already home. It’s already warm and comforting and makes me feel very peaceful. I don’t think the honeymoon stage is going to fade until we start doing the big renovations. I have a huge soaking whirlpool bathtub for those moments though.
8.) We went to “a honeymoon retreat” aka sex hotel a few weekends ago and the entire weekend revolved around sex. On the ride up we talked about our pasts and I FINALLY got my spouse to break his jealousy issues over my sexual past to the point where he was actually making making jokes about my past until I literally peed my pants laughing. We had such a good time there and such amazing sex that we’ve decided to figure a way how to pay for it a few times a year. It was worth every goddamn penny.