Monthly Archives: June 2014

home owners


So yeah, that home I mentioned in the last entry? WE GOT IT! We’re officially home owners!

From offer to settlement was exactly 27 days. Because of the rushed schedule on closing, we had to wait till the last minute to make it official, but we did. Thanks in part to our phenomenal Realtor and her amazing networking skills, she hooked us up with some great people. Our amazing lender (another one of the Realtor’s connections) was able to make it happen quickly and the sellers were delighted with our offer and that we could settle so fast. They even left us a sweet note on the kitchen counter and sent an email to follow up. All in all, it has been the perfect first time home buying experience from start to finish.

And then the packing began. I’m only about half way done and we’re moving in a week. Because this was all so fast paced, we couldn’t fully do anything until we signed. That’s why we couldn’t even schedule movers until we were sure so that puts our move-in date a week from today. It’s kind of weird to own something and not live in it, but at the same time, I’m having MEGA separation anxiety from my mom. It’s bordering on ridiculous because I’ve left the nest before! This is not a new thing for me! The issue is that my mom is different. Ever since rehab, she’s become the mom I always knew she was underneath the exterior bullshit. She doesn’t have a sloth of a husband weighing her down anymore either. I can’t explain it to anyone other than to say that yes, I’ve moved out before, but this time it’s just different. Completely different. Just accept that.

To compensate for my melancholy state of mind, I’ve been going through retail therapy. I figured if I bought stuff for the new house I’d be able to see myself there easier. (It’s working, by the way). As a result, we’ve been on some what of a spending spree trying to get the condo fixed up and pretty. The condo is in great shape, but the previous owners never upgraded anything so it’s just a little outdated. We’ve been putting small touches in like lighting, faucets, drawer knobs, etc. All small things that really make a huge difference. The big thing we have to do? The kitchen. Oy vey is that gonna be a project. We’ve already started shopping around to figure out our budget for it. I’ve got grand plans to pay for this new kitchen as well. But none of it will happen until we get through IVF.

IVF is another thing I’ve been putting off. Between all the shit that happened in the last few months with my family and buying a new house, lets just say that I’ve gained a few pounds. I think I’ve also been terrified of the IVF process so part of me sabotaged the process. (Cant start till I lose 25 pounds? Okay, let me gain 10 more to make it REALLY difficult on myself!) But whatever. When we move, our food budget shifts dramatically and we’re both going to be going up and down 3 flights of stairs at least 8 times a day (10 depending on who’s turn it is to take Nola out on her late night walk – we alternate). Anyway, shit’s gonna change because hello mortgage!

Either way, I’m done beating myself up over everything. The fact of the matter is that aside from having a baby, I’ve managed to live out every other dream I’ve ever had. I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do in my life so far. I’ve busted my ass and set goals and done it. I don’t know too many people who have done that other than a few close friends (which is why we’re close friends) so part of me has to toot my own horn for doing what I’ve wanted to do and being happy with it. Yeah, the baby is the last real obstacle and goal, but I think it’s really just the next step in the process and I’m happy to start it soon enough.

In the meantime, I have a split level condo that feels like a small townhouse and I get to make it our home. If you ask me, that’s pretty fucking stellar.