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house hunters


The roller coaster that is house hunting continues to roll us around. We have basically decided that condos are all we can afford right now. What I didn’t know what that multi-level condos are extremely uncommon outside of this region so trying to explain it some people is really hard. It’s really rather perfect for us though. We get the amenities that come with paying large condo fees, have zero exterior or grounds keeping work to take care of, but we still get full reign over the interior. Its like a mini townhouse stacked on top of another mini townhouse. I’m not fully ready for a real house or even a large townhouse – its a lot of work I’m not ready to deal with. But this condo lifestyle? I think it’s perfect.

So we’ve been looking and in this region, (especially during this spring time market) housing flies off the shelves. Anything that remains on the market for more than 30 days is considered to be priced incorrectly. A massive chunk of housing is put up and taken off the market within a week or two. That’s how it works out here. Because of Dean’s foreclosure, we had a waiting period before we could sign any contracts and make any offers. (We wouldn’t have the loan paperwork to back it up which essentially made our offers useless so why bother). So for a few months we looked online and scouted things out. Most of what we liked would be gone within days. A few weeks before our determined house hunting day, I started finding a few more 30+ day homes. I made a spreadsheet for our realtor (whom I LOVE) and she set the showings up.

In less than 2 weeks, we’ve managed to find out home and start the closing process. This has all flown by in such a whirlwind that I need to timeline it because it’s just fucking crazy how fast it’s moved:

Sunday: Dean’s birthday so we spend the day viewing homes then have a little birthday dinner and gifts with just us and my mom
Monday: discuss with realtor what we liked and what to do next and start making decisions
Tuesday: realtor pulls together numerous ideas and we pick one to submit the offer on
Wednesday: I panic over our choice, look up more houses, ask to see a second option, and fall equally in love with option 2
Thursday: submit offer on option 1, receive counter offer, get upset. Decide to see option 2 with Dean this time (he missed first viewing and was scheduled to be off work the next day)
Friday: 10am view house #2. 11:30am submit final offer on house #1. 12:30pm receive rejection of final offer and then find out why* they rejected. 3pm talk to realtor and write up new offer for option 2. 3:30pm find out some information about option 2 that changes our offer a little. 5:30pm e-sign all contract documents on our offer and officially submit it. 10pm: find out there’s a second offer on the same home and do we want to change it? I say no. 10:20pm message from realtor “congratulations, you’re home owners! they accepted your offer”
*it turns out they’re upside down on their mortgage and can’t afford to take less than what they have it priced at which is why it’s been on the market for almost 3 months. They seriously overpaid for the place because of what the market was that year and then it crashed immediately afterward. I feel for them, but I’m not paying for their mistake so we graciouslypulled out of the bidding war.*
Saturday: sign the small changes the seller wants to make on our offer (all agreed to by us)
Sunday: start “window shopping” online for ways to renovate and decorate on the cheap
Monday: begin the finalization of our pre-approved loan to make it official loan
Tuesday: receive loan paperwork, title paperwork, and then get incorrect information on HOA restrictions with pets so I panic and start looking at other homes. Commence nausea
Wednesday: receive HOA docs, clear up all confusion, sign all paperwork, more nausea
Thursday: home inspection and brought my mom along. She loves the home and our realtor and I think she found the right person to sell her house once we move out officially. Seriously, our realtor is the BEST.
Today: waiting on the official inspection report then going to the sellers for the required fixes (very few) and then finalize that. There’s no turning back now so we’re taking a much needed break and saying a lot of prayers that everything works out and that we get this condo
Tomorrow: window shopping and actual shopping for goods for the home (like new lighting, paint chip samples, and looking at granite counter tops for the kitchen so I can start budgeting!)

So right now I’m looking at home goods and if I find anything I love I’m going to get it. I think I need to call movers soon and start getting something set up. I’m terrified that something will fail, but at the same time I don’t want to miss any opportunities so I’m trying to visualize myself living there and start acting like it’s our home. I’m honestly not sure what the smartest thing to do is, but this is how I keep myself from spinning out completely. We just have to play the waiting game now and find the balance of planning and overplanning and figure it all out.

More to follow as we get more information, but that’s where we stand on the house thing at the moment.