The Accident – part four


Part one is here, part two is here, and part three is here

When we last left our heroes, we were fucking devstated that the other driver was being a dick and denying fault. Well, nothing further to be done at this point with that little fuckhead other than to wait out his eventual court date with the state of Maryland. He was a minor too so there was very little information we could obtain. The State of Maryland likes to take it’s sweet time issuing court dates too. The State of Virginia (where we live) is the opposite. Your court date is issued on your ticket the minute you get it. I should know – it happened to me. They don’t fuck around. We had no idea when the court date was and left it in our lawyer’s hands to stay on top of the court system.

We had other things to deal with anyway. Dean eventually had a follow up with the non-surgeon eye doctor and was cleared to drive in a few days. A full MONTH after the accident, he was FINALLY able to return to work. Good thing too, because I was running out of money. I knew we’d have to buy a new car and was hoping the car settlement check would arrive soon so I could put that money towards the new car. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

I ended up paying a huge chunk of our bills with credit cards that month because I just couldn’t make it work otherwise and I didn’t want to put our car down payment on a credit card whenever we had to do that. This is the moment I suddenly regretted our trip to New York and all the money we spent. After being talked off the ledge by my mom, I stopped being angry with myself and just said fuck it. There’s only so much to be done and it’s easier to pay off smaller debts on numerous cards than a big one so I made the right choice. I knew the fertility money would be gone shortly, but on some level I’d already resigned myself to accept that treatments would be delayed anyway so I just did what needed to be done. And what needed to be done next was to buy a car.

Due to our commutes, it makes infinitely more sense for Dean to have a new car with a good warranty and for me to always go used. Case in point: I’ve put less mileage on my Explorer in 6 years than Dean has put on his new cars in 4 years. And the irony is that we take my beast for the long road trips! Reality is that Dean’s commute is hell. It’s along drive around the Beltway every day and the wear and tear would destroy a used car much faster than a new car. A new car also has different warranties that used ones usually do not. So instead of even bothering to look at used, we went straight for new. We had waited to buy a new car until Dean could safely test drive it, but now we couldn’t wait any longer.

Dean had been researching cars and dealerships while he was home and had 3 picked. Once we got the clearance to return to work, we went to the nearest dealership. Turns out that was the golden one because within 2.5 hours we had a brand spanking new car. I was the one who did the test drive and I was a very happy woman after that test. I drained the last of our fertility savings to put a substantial down payment on the new car so we could keep our monthly car payments the same as the old car. We got a hell of a warranty and a REALLY good interest rate on the new car so I felt better about forking over that chunk of money. Of course we couldn’t drive it home yet because Dean wasn’t legally cleared to drive. They were going to make a few modifications anyway though so it worked out. They told us we could pick it up Monday morning. That actually worked out perfectly.

Oh, but this couldn’t be that easy, because why should anything be easy at this point?!

3 days after we take the car home, we get a call that our loan application didn’t go through and the paperwork we had was void. Ummmm… what? I’m gonna save the headache of the back and forth we went through for the next 24 hours where we worried the car would be repossessed and we wondered if we’d have to sue them. Long story short, they ended up re-running it with a new lender and made ME the primary lender with Dean as the secondary (the first time they made Dean the prime alone without me and his credit isn’t as great as mine) and now we had a new loan so please come sign the papers. Great, now I have another chunk of liability on my credit and oh look, I now own two cars. I’m a fuckin’ baller now! Well the upside of this kerfuffle is that we ended up with even lower interest because of adding me to the loan and we were able to lower the monthly payments. The other shining moment is that we also got the insurance check for the totaled car and it was enough to cover half of the down payment I’d just put down.

Dean eventually had a follow up appointment with the surgeon and now that all the swelling was down, a proper evaluation would take place. It was decided that surgery was required to restore his vision as much as possible. He needed an implant to push his eyeball forward and replace some of the fractured/shattered bone. There was a lot of scar tissue that needed to be removed as well. Unfortunately the surgeon was new to the area so securing his place at a hospital was taking some effort. We couldn’t get a surgery scheduled until January. At this point the damage was done so waiting any further would not cause any more problems. Dean was restricted from night time driving and was told to rest his eyes as much as possible.

From an accident standpoint, everything calmed down while we waited out the surgery appointment. Just in time for me to have a massive meltdown that lead to a few massive fights with Dean that nearly destroyed our marriage. The stress of it all – the loss of money, the not sleeping at night, the hormonal imbalance from the infertility doing its damage, the delay in the baby, the CONSTANT care of Dean… it all took it’s toll on me and I collapsed in anger and tears. We spent our anniversary camping in the woods on the cusp of a hurricane. After a rocky start, it ended with a lot of love and promises to make our marriage better. Sunday morning we woke up to rain pouring on our campsite, packed up our shit, and bolted at 4:30am. The hurricane was just starting to hit and wouldn’t get worse until Monday.

Monday was October 29th, exactly one month since the accident. How fucking appropriate that we were riding out a hurricane just after our one year anniversary.

To be continued…


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