State of the Union – January


There’s no way in hell I could ever be a daily blog updater. Maybe I can aim for weekly, but I think monthly is more realistic. I always feel better when I write even if it’s about absolutely nothing. I’m just going to put this all out there so when I look back over the year I’ll be able to see what has changed and what hasn’t.

Living Status: still living in the basement of my parents house with zero intention to move any time soon. The mere *thought* of moving makes my anxiety skyrocket, my stomach flip, and my brain spin. I know we need to move at some point, but damn it, I’m comfortable. Plus, there’s no fucking way I’m doing this on my own again; I’m paying professionals. Paying people means saving money and I’ve got our funds going in too many places right now.

Marital Status: 1 year and 3 months after the “I do” moment, I think we’re starting to get into a good groove. After our camping anniversary come-to-Jesus talk and resolutions, we’ve managed to keep the arguing to a minimum and then it lasts a very brief time. Neither of us have left the house in anger since November so that’s a big movement forward.

Financial Status: Rebuilding. I have nothing in savings yet, but I’ve paid off a few debts. We still have a long way to go on our credit cards since my budget plan went flying out the window, but we’ve made a few decisions and we’re finally on the same page together. I don’t care if we take out 401k money to pay shit off… I just want it paid off and so does he now. That being said, we’ve chosen to stop stressing over it all. The less I worry, the more likely money is to work in my favor. Case in point: inheritance money being freed up soon (fucking legal system!) and we’ve been told a portion is coming to us for a specific cause.

Accident Status: Still no resolution.The selfish behavior of another driver has made our lives hell and cost us a great deal of money including our fertility fund. I’m still quite angry that I dont have a safe place to discuss this, but one day I will and when I do I am not holding back.

Weight/Diet Status: I managed to avoid gaining weight over the holidays. I made the decision to only focus on maintaining, not gaining, and I succeeded. I promised myself I’d focus back on the losing portion after Dean’s surgery (last week) and literally the day after the surgery I put myself back on the regimine and it’s been very easy. Even when I wasn’t trying to lose, I still logged my intake daily.

Baby Status: The womb remains empty. I need to bite the bullet and call our clinic to find out what the fuck to do at this point. If I don’t like that, I need to call another clinic. I’m kind of angry that I’ve never heard a peep since my “help, I’m losing my mind on birth control!” phone call. Not. One. Peep. And that doesn’t put me in the mindset of wanting to stay with them, thus the other clinic option. The only positive thing on the baby front is that inheritance money I mentioned before will be freed up soon and a wee portion is being funneled directly to us for the baby and only the baby. I’m 31 and a half years old and my biological clock is deafeningly loud and rapidly shortening. Something’s gotta give.

Other: My baby brother is getting married in July! I have to figure out how get the two of us out to Michigan for that endeavor, but I’m looking forward to it none the less. I know he’s going to be a great husband and I can’t wait to meet my future SIL. I have to figure out how to juggle this and our annual beach trip and a little time off for Dean and I to just have alone time, but whatever. Like I said before, the less I worry, the more likely money is to work in my favor. All I need to do is find a hotel, plane tickets, and a rental car and we’re set. I should probably figure on planning a trip for me, Dean, my dad, and my other brother and save us all a big headache.

To be continued in February…


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