Today we got the settlement offer from the insurance company (this is from Dean’s accident back in October right before we moved and right before our wedding) and it was more than expected. It’s not a ridiculous sum of money, but it is enough to finish funding our fertility endeavors, pay off a chunk of our debt (which will give us more in our monthly money to pay off our other debt), and still have a little spending money.

All the months of his back being in pain, the countless trips and lost time from work to go to the chiropractor, and the stress it caused pre and post wedding… it’s almost worth it now. I’ve never involved a lawyer in an accident before, but now I understand why sometimes it’s a good thing to do. I really hope the people I hurt in my car accident last year got this kind of treatment from my insurance company. I really understand how this is needed sometimes. I can understand how sometimes money really does help a situation and between this settlement and the countless wonderful things that have happened in the last 10 days, my gratitude pot is overflowing and I am experiencing an abundance of joy.

My baby brother is graduating college this weekend and just 2 days ago he asked his girlfriend to marry him… she said yes! My baby brother, whom I haven’t been 100% involved with because he lives very far away in Michigan, is doing what my other brother and I couldn’t do. He’s making his life happen early and finished college. I am so ridiculously proud of him that I can barely contain it. I’m also elated he’s found such a wonderful woman.

My other brother got the job of his dreams a few weeks ago and in just a few nights, he made more bartending than he did in an entire hell-filled week at his last job. He comes home bouncing off the walls happy. I’ve never seen him so happy. This year alone he’s taken a wine class and went to bartending school. Now he’s a bartender at a very, very popular local brewery’s restaurant (they have a few in the region). Just the fact that he’s happy is enough, but he’s also finally making good money. He’s finally in a position to pay off debt, tackle his credit problems, and move into a place he fits better in.

We also found out that something from Dean’s past can no longer haunt us. When he lost his job a few years ago, he also lost his house, and subsequently had to move in with his mother. Just like everyone else in this country, he had problems and lost his dream. Well the house was foreclosed, but one of the mortgage companies was still trying to get to us and we had no way of paying it. We found out this week they settled the debt and wrote it off. I no longer have this burden of “oh fuck, how are we going to pay this off?” looming over my head and Dean’s credit is now slowly on the upswing since I’ve taken over the bills.

As if none of that were enough, I continue to receive blessings and wonderful things. Two of my friends are making career moves and one of them might end up moving closer to me. The other will end up being infinitely more secure in her life and will be able support her family better than she ever could. I have prayed and sent positive thoughts to both of them for weeks and weeks hoping they’d get what they wanted and it’s happening. I could not be happier for them.

But it gets better! I found out today my job is now secured through February. I have two small projects and one big one lined up to fill up the next 10-12 months! Job security is equivalent to gold in this economy and I am not taking it for granted. I’m also really happy because I LOVE my job and I love the people I work for. I know I have my frustrations, but in the end, I am really happy with my position, my salary, and my coworkers. I really have no complaints and now I am really set for at least the end of this year.

Oh, but it’s still getting better. You know why? Because not only is today is the 2 year anniversary of my first date with Dean (Somehow we survived that first awkward and bad date!) but Friday is also the 6 month anniversary of our wedding AND it’s Dean’s birthday. We met 2 years ago, got married 18 months later, and here we are about to take our honeymoon, trying to start our family, building this amazing little life for ourselves, and we’re madly in love. I have found my mate for life and I could not be happier.

Life can be such a beast so often, but then it turns around and gives back great things in such an abundance that you can’t help but let go of those beastly moments. Those moments make the good ones feel even better and I can safely say that after years and years of busting my ass, dealing with stress after stress, and getting through everything, I feel like the last two years have truly been my reward. I can’t even imagine what is still yet to come.

I am truly a blessed, happy, and grateful woman.


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