20 things that make me happy


20.) Bringing my dog with me to work on days when I’m totally alone on site. She makes it easier to get through those lonely hours.

19.) When my cats jump up on me and demmand my attention then settle into a purring frenzy. It’s like they’re content just to be in my presence.

18.) Chocolate covered marshmallows, especially chocolate covered chocolate marshmallows.

17.) Spending a long time cooking something and it turns out to be one of the tastiest things I’ve ever made. I made risotto for the first time last week and it was the best! I took the time to lay out all my ingredients, pre-cook the chicken and turkey bacon, slowly defrost the peas in warm water… and when it was time to pull it all together, it came out amazing.

16.) Spending a long time on a meal, it failing miserably and tasting icky, and my husband still trying to eat it. At that point it’s time for pizza.

15.) The first time a friend’s baby remembers you and smiles at you like you’re the greatest person on the planet.

14.) Day trips that surpass my expectations. It’s even better when we plan it out, spend less money than I budgetted for, and it ends up being an adventure.

13.) Having that cushion of savings and spending it on the things you were saving for, not an emergency.

12.) Ducklings. Tiny, fluffy, precious, small baby ducks that waddle when they walk, and make tiny chirping quacks.

11.) Alone time. When I have those rare moments of just me, myself, and I and I can do anything I want without a second thought.

10.) Plunging into a book series and being completely satisfied with it from beginning to end, waiting anxiously for the next one in the series. It fills my brain with a satisfaction that only compares to eating an amazing meal and being perfectly full and blissfully happy afterwards.

9.) Actually finishing a blog entry.

8.) Coming home to the husband putting fresh sheets on the bed after a long day at work.

7.) Bacon. I have always been unable to digest pork properly and it has always made me sick. After the hell I went through with Metformin and the constant explosions from one end or the other, I decided “well I’m already going to puke or shit this out, so I might as well learn to like bacon” and now I am happy to say it only mildly upsets my stomach if I have more than a few pieces. I still love turkey bacon because I’ve learned how to properly cook it over the years, but real pork bacon is now on my list of loves. (Pork chops, sausage, ham, and other pork items are still off the menu though.)

6.) Finding a crafty thing to do on Pinterest and actually completing it! I’ve made 2 ornament wreaths, one ridiculous cute spring wreath, an ornament holder for storage, and a beaded plastic egg.

5.) Perfect weather days where I can drive around with my windows down, hair flying in the wind, and music at a comfortably loud level.

4.) Going to breakfast early then out to a movie on a Sunday morning in our pajamas and getting home before lunch time.

3.) Playing old Nintendo and Super Nintendo games on the Wii and transporting back in time to my childhood.

2.) Playing a drinking game to any of the Twilight movies with my brother and my husband late at night on the weekend when we all have nothing better to do.

1.) Being married and saying “my husband”.


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