• A year ago I was arguing with Dean about moving to Virginia. At the time he had a close knit group of friends and didn’t want to leave that behind. One tiny argument between 2 of the wives later, the entire group disbanded and now friends of 25+ years are no longer friends. Sides were forced to be taken and Dean refused to take the morally wrong one (which was really just blind loyalty) so that was that. He officially moved in with me when it was over.
  • The wife who supposedly started the argument (I still maintain she was justified in her comments) is now one of my closest friends. She and her husband have also gone through infertility and they have a beautiful baby girl now. She understands what I’m going through better than anyone else and has made this struggle easier to deal with.
  • Follow up with the fertility clinic is next week and the plan will be made regarding the procedure of how to get a human being to grow in my womb. All tests so far for me have come out better than expected so my optimism is increasing in regards to being able to use cheaper methods.
  • Yesterday, while at the clinic, he realized I still hadn’t changed my last name yet and made a snide comment. I retorted with “this coming from the man who doesn’t legally live with his own wife.”
  • Yesterday he ran the ridiculous guantlet required to become a resident and finally registered with the state that he lives with his wife. He is officially a Virginian. Welcome to The Commonwealth! Now I have to change my name.
  • I’m having a hard time letting go of my last name. I know it’s the right thing to do and I made promises, but I am just not wanting to leave my name behind. I thought changing it on FB and my email would help the transition, but it hasn’t. 
  • I need to get over this. I will change my name as soon as we are done filing for our taxes and receive our refund. Fucking around with my name while waiting on the government to give me back my money is not the appropriate time!
  • I deleted a fuck ton of people off FB the other day. I did this for several reasons. The drama, the lack of interaction, the superficiality of the people I had once onsidered friends, not actually KNOWING a good chunk of them anymore, and this overall feeling of people just increasing their numbers or just spying on my life. Plus part of me just felt like “why are we even friends if we don’t interact at all?” so away they way. So far my decision to eliminate has been a good one, especially in the drama department.
  • Living with my parents has been paying off in many ways. Sure, we lack physical privacy and arguing in a house where everyone hears everything isn’t fun, but I tell you it’s great to have a home cooked meal from mom every now and again. It’s also nice to have understanding, help with several things, and more time with my parents. I feel like I never really got to be the kid in the relationship until now. I’m not regressing, just enjoying the moments.
  • I really like bullet point entries.

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