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twirly whirly


Totally discombobulated and I don’t care. I’m tired.

In the last month I’ve almost finalized marriage ceremony, gone to Canada, watched one of my two best friends marry her soulmate, helped purchase two bridesmaid dresses, nailed down the theme for our wedding next year, and had my first professional photo shoot. In two weeks we’re off again to our real vacation and I can’t wait.

Canada was great. It wasn’t really relaxing with all the pre-wedding running around and then having to be a performing monkey on wedding day, but it was still nice. BY the time wedding day arrived, I was in full Maid of Honor role. The point is, it wasn’t a vacation but it was nice to get away from work for a week. And from Dean. We were bickering a lot in the days leading up to the trip and I think I needed to get away for a few days to appreciate what I have. Same for him. We take each other for granted some times without realizing. It takes being apart for a few days to remember that some times. So yeah, wedding came and went and I stepped up to my role. Anyone who thinks being the MOH for a wedding is relaxing is just plain stupid.

It was a lovely wedding though and everything seemed to run very smoothly. Whatever static I’d had with the other bridesmaids prior to the wedding as absolved that day. Everyone stepped up, did their part, and then some. Everyone was happy, full of smiles, and really seemed to be proud of their roles in making everything smooth for the bride and groom. I thought that was pretty incredible and a true testament to how perfectly match Steph and Mike are. People from all walks of life just wanted their day to be smooth and did everything they could to make it wonderful. And I was part of that. 🙂

While in Canada, Dean and I had a day alone and went shopping for our own wedding. The theme was solidified in one trip to a craft store and NOW I’m excited. The honeymoon was motivation before but the theme for the big wedding next year has finally become an actual motivator itself. The theme: HALLOWEEN!

This year, the ceremony is everything we would have had for everyone if we had a lot of money. We don’t so we’re doing the tiny version on a tiny budget this round. Next year it’s my alternate wedding. I’ve been saying for years my two wedding choices were my favorite botanical gardens in Maryland as #1 and Halloween wedding as #2 choice. I’ve been vetoed for years on this, but now? Now I get both. And I will still stay way the hell under budget despite doing this twice.  Perfect compromise.

So anyway, we made the decision together on Saturday, had Steph’s wedding Sunday, and then headed back to the States on Monday. Nothing will test your relationship quite like a 10 hour drive that turns into 14 due to stops, gas ups, and a side trip to Niagara Falls. Prior to this, we’d only ever done a 6 hour one at the  most. Not only did we survive it, but we had a great time. We alternated driving, let each other nap, talked about our wedding, made the side trip, talked about our future, and even managed to squeak in a little car sex towards the very end. It was a hell of a trip and we had a great time.

And then I went back to work and had a rough week and it all kind of went downhill. Now I get to plunge into billing week, but at least Dean is prepared and understanding (since we talked on the road trip about it) and it should be okay. Plus, we had our engagement photo session this past Saturday and not only did the photos turn out amazing (only a teaser so far, but I can tell they’re gonna be amazing), but I am now 100% confident that we’ve found the perfect photographer. I felt totally at ease, the pictures were great, and Andrea is amazing. She’s quiet and quick, gives great direction, and produces a thing of beauty. I can’t wait to see how our wedding day photos turn out in 67 days!

So much to do in that time frame and it’s too overwhelming to think about. We laid out our plans, everything we have to do, and set ourselves a timeline, but currently it makes me want to scream. Thus, no more decisions or anything big until we get back from vacation which is two weeks from today. We’ll head out on another road trip (this time with the dog) and this time I get to put my toes in the sand. One whole week of isolation in the sand and sun away from everyone. I can’t wait!

2 weeks to vacation, 67 days till “I do”. What a crazy year this has turned out to be so far.