So yeah, I’m engaged.

Friday Dean whisked me (and our dog) off to central Virginia to The Natural Bridge and an unknown weekend event. After Natural Bridge we had a wet dog sacked out in the car and I had no idea where we were going. Soon enough we pulled up on a gorgeous cabin in the mountains and my parents there! And they decorated! HUZZAH! Happy 30th to me!

And then it got better. When I was making dinner, all of a sudden my brother and his girlfriend showed up!!!! Holy fuck! This is my gift, right? A weekend with my family! Nope. We all enjoyed dinner and then it was cake and presents time. Oh, there are gifts too! Mom and stepdad got me tickets to “Play” which is where the National Symphony Orchestra plays video game music to scenes of the games. We’re seeing that at Wolftrap (outdoor venue where you can have a picnic and booze). They also got me tickets to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center in DC. HOLY SHIT!!!!! And then I open yet another bag and wow, there’s a really pretty berry colored purse! (Total brand x cheap purse but thats my style and I love it.)

Oh and then there was this other little gift from Dean. Dear God, really? I’ve already gotten a day trip, a cabin rental, and my family for the weekend. You mean there’s more?? Yup. In that bag were diamond earrings. Oh my God! Suffice to say I was speechless and elated and couldn’t believe what a wonderful birthday I was having.

And then Saturday showed up and everyone had breakfast together. No real plans to do anything but socialize and enjoy each other’s company, play some games, and eat good food. There I was making lunch for everyone (turkey burgers) when Dean came up behind me, said “let me ask you a question”, wrapped his arms around me, and put a ring in front of me. I barely heard the “will you marry me?” before I whirled around saying “YES! YES! A million times yes!!!!” tears pouring out of my eyes, mascara running, hands shaking, kissing the love of my life. Yes yes yes!

The ring didn’t fit my finger so I made sure it went on a chain around my neck. We’ll be getting it re-sized after my birthday party on the 12th (yup, there’s more!) so I don’t want it going anywhere.



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