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In the merry-go-round of diagnostics, I have yet another answer about PCOS and yet another doctor for my girlie bits.

I missed another period when I missed the progesterone and it left me feeling hopeless for a minute thinking my body was totally fucked. I found a new doctor and restored my faith.

I won’t rehash the doctor stories. You all know me and know the history of horrible experiences. After the miscarriage (back in the Chet days) I went back to my old practice and I started out with a tiny little grey-haired women who is maybe 120 pounds soaking wet that I called Dr. Munchkin. The first visit with her was a massive relief from the hell I went through with Dr. Icy. But then Dr. Munchkin kinda tuned out, tried to blame everything on my weight despite test results, and changed my diagnosis 3 times in 3 visits. When I complained to her about how awful I felt on metformin and how I wasn’t losing weight, she simply told me to change to 1200 calorie diet. Umm… fuck you.

Suffice to say I was miserable, felt like I had a doctor that didn’t care, and yet all I want from this is a baby! I cracked one day under the pressure and cried to Dean about Dr. Munchkin and Dr. Awesome. You know that man went out of his way to hunt down Dr. Awesome? He looked online and then called office after office. He never found her, but his effort alone inspired me to call my practice back and ask for a new doctor. I was transferred to the office manager. Apparently they take complaints seriously and I should have done this years ago with the cervix ninja. The office manager recommended a different doctor and I had my first appointment with her last week.

And Dean went with me.

I went with the intention of getting off of metformin but ended up in a fertility consult with an actual plan of action! I’m calling her Dr. Real because of how she was with me – REAL! She listened, read my chart, and said “you have SOME symptoms of PCOS, but not enough for me to say its definite so lets work around it right now” and I decided right then and there I don’t care if I have it or not. We’ll make this work. Having Dean there showed her that I have a supportive partner and it didn’t seem to matter that we’re not married. She was realistic about my weight, gave me a goal (10% of my weight) and asked me what I was doing currently. Dr. Real also approved of my current course (5-6 smaller meals a day, focus on whole foods not calories, and try to “eat the rainbow” every day) because it’s working. I’ve lost 6 pounds!

She also told Dean outright she wouldn’t put me through anything else until he got tested. His results would determine the next course of action which is either another med or another clinic. (Let’s hope for clean healthy sperm and going on that med, eh?) He was very involved and asked some questions. He finally heard everything I needed him to hear and now we’re on the exact same page.

Dr. Real is keeping me on the Metformin and progesterone with new instructions on how to take them and a week later, I have FINALLY stopped getting sick all the time. Woohoo!!!!! Now I’m motivated to keep taking them! So now the next step is an ultrasound for me to check out my uterus and make sure it’s still healthy and a sperm analysis for Dean. Results will determine the next step, but I have a good doctor again and a plan and that’s a great stepping off point. Oh, and I got a period finally so thats a positive sign!


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  1. 1-totally awesome points to dean for trying to find dr. awesome.

    2-so glad you’re with dr. real

    3-hopefully you’ll get a bfp soon. i dreamed it, so hopefully it will come into being!

  2. I mostly lurk, but just wanted to say I’m glad you have a good doctor. I have PCOS, pretty much the classic symptoms, and my tummy gets messed up on the metformin too. You may have some ups and downs in this TTC journey (sometimes more downs), but it will work! After almost 2 years of trying I now have a 7 month old daughter. Email me if you ever have any questions about treatment or anything, I’ve been through it all!

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