the gift of love


I was panicked and worried that my complete and utter lack of money this year would lead to judgement and arguments from family members. Then I realized that we’re trying to get pregnant, pull our separate lives together into one life, and figure out what order baby/marriage/living together will go in. Money I would have spent on chintzy gifts will instead go to ovulation kits, pregnancy tests, medication copays, and saving for baby furniture.

I decided mom and Dean are going to get gifts and the family is getting baked goods. That’s what I can afford and that’s something everyone loves. It also takes time and effort because you can’t bake without love.

Then I found out the majority of my family is in the same boat I’m in and no one is expecting anything. We’re just going to have dinner, share a few things, and celebrate the holiday.

Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about anyway? Aren’t you supposed to embrace the love, be happy about your good health and roof over your head, and be a family on the holidays? It’s not about material items, it’s about being together.

This year I have an amazing man who loves me more than words can explain and I love him just as much. That’s all I need.


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