trick or treat!


I wish I could say that these photos will be even remotely funny to anyone but me, but I’m sharing anyway. (I have to do this in the bathroom with the because there are too many hiding places in the rest of the house, thus the toilet in the background.) They don’t scratch me or howl at all so I don’t feel TOO guilty. Lily even started playing with hers after a few minutes.

Nola is in costume as an Evil Football Fanatic (the red eyes make her evil)

Anubis is in costume a vampire (you can kinda see his fur widow’s peak) and also appears as Jeeves (check out his whiskers! Aren’t they impressive?)

Lily is in costume as an evil butterfly… of DOOM!

And then there are the outtakes and cute moments.



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  1. The whiskers on that cat are EPIC!

    Love these photos. I got a good giggle from the butterfly of DOOM crouched down on the floor. I adore cats, and miss having my own, so I take every opportunity to live vicariously through other cat owners, LOL.

    Hope you had a good Halloween!


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