froggy throat


It wasn’t a cold I was fighting off before my vacation… it was the explosion of a UTI. I’m some sort of freak of nature in that I get these horrific UTIs but I lack the burning pee sensation so it’s never obvious. Well this is the second it’s happened where I’m exhausted, fatigued, sick all the time, randomly fevery, full of back pain, etc. for weeks and weeks on end. The first one went on 2 months, this one went on about 6 weeks. I finally have a note in my chart to check for UTI’s first.

So being all stressed out for a few weeks, having a UTI ready to explode into hell, and being in a house that’s hit its expiration level left me open to getting a sore throat from Dean. That exploded into what I thought was strep but now don’t know for sure if it is. I had white patches but they’re gone and now the doc thinks it’s sinusitis. Still waiting on the damn throat culture, but she gave me something that will treat sinusitis AND strep so I’m covered. Finally.

Okay so the point of this? I came home from the beach REALLY fucking sick and I’m still miserable.

But the vacation was really really awesome and I have much to tell… and I will soon. With pictures!


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  1. I hate that you are so sick, I hope you feel better soon! I was begining to think maybe Dean wasn’t so fab and drowned you at the beach!!! Just kidding, feel better honey

  2. Ugh, that’s awful. Strep and UTI’s are up pretty high on my “worst things ever” list. I hope you feel better soon! Superman better be taking good care of you.

    Can’t wait to see the photos! : )

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