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Over the last week, my stress levels plummeted. The monthly bill got out the door, I remembered to tell Dean about WHY things were so stressful, I knocked my to-do list out at work, and I even managed to start my vacation packing early.

Maybe it was because I knew I had a vacation coming and maybe it wasn’t, but whatever it was it made my stress drop… just in time to catch a cold! I’m fighting it off like you wouldn’t believe right now because I’m also packing for my first vacation in a year. Last year was the worst vacation I ever took. It was less than a month after the miscarriage, towards what I now know was the end of my relationship with Chet, and pretty much everything that could go wrong DID go wrong.

This year it’s already off to a better start. I am with someone who makes me feel like I am everything in the world and someone I love that loves me back. It’s his first trip and my umpteenth to the Outer Banks. Currently Hurricane Earl is also headed there. I’m not worried about it though. This morning it was a category 4 and now it’s a category 2. Where we stay is north of Hatteras and that is where it looks to hit the hardest. But at a category 2, it won’t devastate the area. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Earl is there now and will be through that area by tomorrow mid day. I don’t even leave till Saturday. I have a million things to do tonight through tomorrow and then I drop my dog off, goo see my man, spend one lovely night with him, and then we are OFF!

It’ll be our first vacation and I get to see my brother. I haven’t seen him since December. I can’t wait to see him. He’s grown up significantly in the last year and being in Asheville has been a wonderful thing to him. We’ve been emailing and randomly talking on the phone and that cocky little punk is melting away into one hell of a mature man. I can’t wait for him to meet Dean and I can’t wait to spend the week on the sand with my family and the love of my life…. so I better get my ass in gear and finish packing!

I’ll be back in a week and this time? yeah this time I’m posting pictures when I get back.


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