three little words


I don’t know how this started, but this is where it picks up.

D: that’s because you love me
T: probably
D: well let me know when you’re sure
T: okay
T: okay I’m sure
(another pause)
D: sure about?
(a third and even longer pause)
T: sure that I love you. Feel free to run for the hills now screaming and vanish on me.
D: why would I do that?
T: gee, I wonder.

6ish hours later while driving back to his place

D: what was that thing you said earlier?
T: something I’m not repeating right now
D: why’s that?
T: because you’ve been doing your boundary testing thing. You’re a mental ninja right now.
D: *laughs* mental ninja?
T: yes. I’ve been katana-ed. SLICE!

1 hour later while prepping dessert and cooking dinner

D: whats wrong with you?
T: I feel like I was a little pressured, but I still meant it. But now you’re all mental ninja on me and I want to punch you in the nose.
D: pressured how?
(repeat above earlier conversation)
D: is it because you want me to say it back?
T: no. yes. only if you mean it. yes.
T: okay shut up already
D: you can take it back if you want
T: no I can’t
D: yes you can
T: no, I really cant
D: why not?
T: because I can’t lie and you KNOW I can’t lie! So no taking back. The end. Move along.

30 minutes later

Standing up and hugging, he gave me a kiss on the ear and then whispered “I love you” in my ear. All I could do was smile and simultaneously feel like my head would explode. Later we had this mushy little conversation before bed about how we’ve waited so long for each other and then he squeezed me tight and said it again. If I wasn’t sure he meant it the first time, I was positive that second time and suddenly nothing else in the world seemed to matter.


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  1. Ok, I’m the one cruising through the archives. I totally missed the Dean thing and had to catch up! YAYYAYYAYY FOR YOU! (this seemed the appropriate one to comment on, first…:))

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