text me, baby


The text conversations (textversations, if you will) with Dean have been getting ridiculous and fun lately. These may only be humorous to me, but I feel the desire to post them anyway. Here are two recent ones.

Back story: Don’t ask why, but he decided to start calling me Mrs. Fergusterson instead of by my name earlier that day. Also, we have an ongoing bet that I will destroy him in MarioKart on the Wii, but he insists he will be victorious.

D: guess who’s back
T: Michael Jackson in zombie form? Slim Shady? The McRib?
D: no, the power to my phone
T: well I suppose that’s more awesome than those other options
D: you suppose? fired
T: well come on, a zombie MJ is hard to beat but I still gave it to you
D: fail
T: I am full of win and you know it
D: this is almost as much fail as you vs. me in Mariokart
T: all I read in that comment was “blah blah blah tovah you’re so pretty blah blah blah you’re awesome”
D: who is this tovah you speak of, mrs. fergusterston? and if you can’t read put on your glasses
T: *sad face*

Backstory: we went to the beach on Sunday and I spent the night as usual. The next day I realized I forgot something.

T: I think I left my earrings at your house. Unrelated: OMFG my lips are sunburned! Such an odd sensation
D: left them at my house huh… why do you think you can do that? Haha. I know that is a weird sensation.
T: Why? I don’t know. Maybe… little reminders of me? Marking my territory? Fumbling around in the dark? All of the above?
T: Watch it or I’m gonna start leaving my toothbrush there. And maybe a bra/panties set. Or maybe even toiletries. *gasp*
D: oh no!
T: Oh but yes! And then my stuff will grow and multiply and take over your life! Muahahahaha!
D: evil laughs ftw


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  1. so cute!

    do you dream of the mcrib as well? you and mike will get along, now i am 110% sure of it 😉
    i look forward to meeting this boy, sounds good 🙂

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