blissfully continued


You don’t really know how much you’ve missed in the past until you suddenly find yourself inundated with something incredible. I didn’t think my birthday could get any better than it already was, but then I spent the majority of the weekend with Dean and got my birthday expectations blown out of the water entirely.

For years I’ve asked anyone who would listen to take me to a Japanese steakhouse for my birthday. I saw some behind the scenes thing on the food network a few years ago where the guy was trying to learn how to be one of those chefs and I’ve been intrigued ever since. Have I ever gotten this request fulfilled? Nope! See previous entry about formerly bad birthdays.

Dean said he’d take me out Saturday night and then we’d do something Sunday if I stayed over. I got my mom to pet sit for me Sunday so I wouldn’t be pressed for time. I headed across the river a little while after he got off work and gave him a little WoW time (World of Warcraft – this will be discussed in a later entry). When I got there, Dean asked me what I wanted to eat and taking a chance, I asked about a Japanese steakhouse hoping it wasn’t too pricey. Suffice to say, wish granted! Flippin’ sweet!

Being a seasoned vet, Dean walked me through the menu, the procedure, what to order, etc. I got to have a saketini as well. I was fucking giddy as everything went along and I had a ridiculous amount of fun there. I was on cloud nine as we left the place. Being utterly exhausted, I decided I’d rather watch a movie at his house than go out to one. My pick: Zombieland. I loved it! Post movie we just ended up snuggled up and sleeping… and maybe there was a kiss or two.

We woke up late morning Sunday. What did I want to do? “I want a lazy Sunday where I don’t have to think” Cha-ching! Wish granted! We spent the day fooling around, watching movies, sleeping, fooling around some more, and snuggling. Eventually we emerged from the cave and took showers. I got the first one and when I walked back into the room in a towel he looked at me like I was crazy. Apparently taking a 10 minute shower is a wondrous thing and he’s never known a woman who did. Once he got showered and clothed, we headed off to get some food and then to spend some of my gift certificates at Best Buy. We came back, he made me a WoW character (again, later) and got me to start playing a little, then we watched a movie all snuggled up and cuddly. In essence, it was the perfect lazy Sunday and I was beyond happy.

And then? Then things got better.

What started as making out heavily turned into one being naked, then the other being naked, bodies enjoyed, skin pressed together, limbs intertwined, and then the inevitable. I was NOT prepared for nor was I intending to cross that physical line yet, but the heat of the moment took over. Man that heat was toasty hot. Holy hell. It may have been the first time, but I was not unhappy with the events that transpired. Not one bit.

Alas, post-coital I did something stupid. I left. It is one of the few regrets I have and I still wish I had stayed. I left because I have 2 cats and a dog and I am responsible for their little furry lives. Of course a minute after I left I wished I had turned around and 15 minutes later he called me. I said I was tired and he told me to come back. I declined. Damn animals. I told him I’d call when I landed back at home base and drove like hell to get home before my eyes slammed shut. I was greeted by an insanely excited 65-pound-husky-tackle and circular running of insanity. It was a bittersweet moment. I love my babies, but for a minute there I wished things were a little different and that my pets were self-sufficient. Then again, I have that same husky curled up on my feet while I write this and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

Anyway… I took Nola out for a walk in the abnormally cool night air, took a long hard look at the beautiful starry night sky, and let out a sigh of relief. I’ve got a damn good life and need to remember that more often. About 2 seconds after I walked in the door and unhooked fuzzbutt’s leash, my phone was ringing. We chatted briefly, mutually regretted my decision to be home, and said our goodnights. The next morning he text messaged me bright and early. I missed him already.

He really is a keeper.


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    • I will bring it up in another post because it’s semi-relevant to the every day goings on with him. And there’s nothing to mention with me because I’m only at level 3 and I have the attention span of a flea when I play. But yes, I will bring it up soon.

  1. 🙂 I actually made reference to WoW in my interview today….
    “What do you do when you get stessed out?”
    “I go home and kill things in WoW…. “

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