birthday bliss


On this day, 29 years ago, my screaming little naked tushy was brought into this world.

The last few years (okay like the last 15 or so?) my birthday has been pretty fucking shitty. Immediate family flat out forgot, a lot of bad things happened, and they just flat out sucked. I kind of figured that I had kind of a birthday curse. Even with Chet my birthdays were kinda blah. He wasn’t big on any event where you celebrated life or being happy now that I think about it. The first birthday I shared with him he broke up with me. I kept it quiet for a few weeks and eventually we got back together. Big old fuck you for that one though. And then last year my mom talked him into buying jewelry for me, but I got the feeling he kind of resented me for it and only did it because he respected and loved my mom so much. Aside from that moment, we didn’t do anything for it. We didn’t go out, he didn’t make me dinner… nothing. Such romance!!!!

[ Side note: One of the only good birthdays that has occurred in recent history was with Stone one night. Totally hot, totally sweaty, and totally scandalous. Nuff said on that one. ]

Knowing my track record for birthdays and always dreading them, I decided to take a different approach this year. I decided I would just flat out not have a single expectation whatsoever and see what happened. This may have been the greatest decision I ever made because today has been flat out wonderful. Stellar even. It all started at 12:09am this morning with a text message from Dean wishing me happy birthday. He is so full of win, I can’t even explain it.

Later on my mom came to my jobsite and brought me flowers, tiramisu cake, a bottle of wine, cards from her and my stepdad and my birthday preset; a steam vacuum!!!!!!! Proof of aging: gifts like a steam vac are more thrilling than you can imagine. I got texts, phone calls, and facebook messages all day. Dean text messaged me most of the day too. My boys at work paid for my lunch and then went and got me a cake and a card that everyone signed. My grandpa mailed me two cards. One was in the spirit of my grandma – its one I know she would have picked out. The other one was so funny I snort laughed and then called my mom to share. Included in the cards? Gift certificates! Fuck yeah! My dad even took me out to dinner after work and brought a birthday card full of cash with him. AWESOME!

Even without the gifts though, I just felt great all day. I was happy and smiling all day long, felt great, and was feeling cute in my new clearance rack outfit. I know part of that is because my 20’s are finally on the verge of being over. My 20s have fucking SUCKED. I am SO anxious for 30. (Only 365 days to go!)

Another part is I’m just happy with my life. I realized for the millionth time today that I work with some really great people, I have amazing friends in my life, and my family is absolutely incredible. I even have this pretty fantastic guy in my life who’s making me giggle with delight all the time and misses me when I’m gone. Does it get any better than that? I don’t think so. I am truly blessed and truly happy.

What a great birthday!


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