weekend of fun


I spent the majority of the weekend with Dean and it was wonderful.

I went out Friday night with my friend E for drinks, gushing over guys, and to discuss her latest drama. Apparently all I did was smile like an ass when asked questions about Dean. Then his plans changed, he text messaged me, and the minute I broke from my girl time (she had to pick her husband up from work) I bolted home, shaved my legs, and sprinted across the beltway.

We hung out for a while and then ended up seeing Sex and the City 2 with his mom. You know, this could be weird in other circumstances, but it just kinda worked and I was totally chill with it. The movie was awful. It was even worse than I anticipated. Thank God we used free passes from a previous date and didn’t pay a dime. Too bad the damn movie got out at 1am! He works most Saturdays so we crashed in his bed the minute we got back. In the morning, I dragged my carcass home and then spent the day cleaning. Longest. Day. Ever.

Sunday he came over to my place. The initial plan was to take this unassembled IKEA wardrobe to my moms house (she was off camping) and bring Nola with us so we could take her for a hike afterwards. Yeah except I didn’t account for the holiday weekend making everything crazy busy and overcrowded. It was almost a million degrees outside. Two parks attempted, two parks failed. We said fuck it, took Nola back home, watched some movies, ordered in Chinese food, and spent the entire time wrapped in a million different positions of twisted up spaghetti.

He’s VERY affectionate and touchy. In the past, this somewhat repulsed me in other males. Mainly because with touchy they also brought a hearty serving of clingy bastard. I don’t do clingy. I pretty much loathe it. Well Dean isn’t clingy and as a result, this touchy feely thing? I dig it.

Eventually I dragged us to bed because it was late and I refused to let him drive across the beltway that tired. That, and I sleep so well with him that I didn’t want him to leave. That lead to making out and fooling around. I will spare the details, but we still haven’t crossed the sex line all the way. Something happened, but we kept it to a minimum. I’m glad we did. I really don’t want to cross the sex line yet. Sex changes everything. Don’t get me wrong; I’m insanely attracted to him and I want to jump his bones like you wouldn’t believe, but I just don’t want to rush it. I want it mean something. A far cry from my years of slutting it up, eh? We did, however, establish that we are only seeing each other and that we are “dating”. YAY!

He left in the morning and had his day to attend to. I felt a pang of… well I don’t exactly know what I felt, but I wasn’t thrilled that he was gone. I got over it though, read a book, and then hit the hay. All in all, a REALLY good weekend with this awesome male.


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