thunder and lightning (and a few random updates)


A storm ripped through my area last night and after observing Nola, Lily, and Anubis sit by the balcony door watching everything whip around, rain pelt the deck, and lightning strike like strobe lights without so much as flinching, I realized just how fucking stellar my babies are.

It also reminded me of a few other things:

1.) Chet’s dog was/is afraid (among almost everything else on the planet) storms and would have made my life hell last night has this happened when he was around
2.) I hate that fucking dog and I’m glad he’s gone. No, seriously. I hate that dog.
3.) I don’t miss my former life by even one molecule.

I think it’s safe to say I’m 1,000,000% over Chet. I have even considered cutting ties with his brother in law Paul whom I’ve kept a sort of distant correspondence with. Really I did that for the kids because I adore them and I am very fond of Paul, but now I’m thinking… what’s the damn point? I mean it sucks for the kids, but there’s this piece of me that want’s to detach entirely from that entire piece of my life. I don’t want to be heartless, but I don’t want any more of my energy going to places it’s no longer needed. Then again, Paul was the only one in that family I actually liked hanging out with. Probably because we were both “outsiders” and he understood my quirks. So that is something to mull over and think on a bit.

Another thing stuck in my craw: there is a very big part of me that wants to go back and delete the DFL/Larry posts of this blog. I realize if I do that there’s a good chance I’ll regret it later, but I kinda want to anyway. Maybe it’s because when I think of that idiot, I get this coating of slime all over me and I don’t want any reason to think of him. Granted, D is kind of a permanent reminder of him because he is how we met, but that’s fading quickly. The reminders I mean. I’m going to see her in just 2 more weeks and I am looking forward to girl time on the beach for a few days. I need some fucking time off! Man. I realized yesterday I haven’t taken a paid day off just for since December of 2009. That’s 6 months! Oy. Story for another time.

So yeah… stuff to mull over. Not sure what to do. Ho hum.

Other updates:

The biteguard: has worked like a charm. I am no longer destroying my teeth or jaw and I have woken up pain free and nausea free for a solid month now. FUCK YES!

The guy from this entry that made me feel better turned out to be exactly what I predicted: completely and utterly full of shit. I gave up on him a while ago (like after the first date with Dean I think) but forgot to mention that here. And now I have. The end!

The vagina chronicles: I came back 100% clear for every test. No permanent disaster trail left from DFL and it was just an allergic reaction. I then proceeded to throw out all the feminine products I had left and then after taking them to the dumpster, it dawned on me that I COULD have donated them to a woman’s shelter. Whoops.

I think that covers all the tidbits I’ve forgotten to touch back on. If not… well then I’ll just edit this post again. Yay.


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