and then it hits me


So umm… Sunday night I spent the night with Dean. Just like that. Okay, not like that. We’re not crossing that line yet.

I hadn’t seen him since before my trip to Atlanta for work and we had made tentative plans to see each other this past weekend. Except Mr. Responsible forgot he had other commitments and in the end, I got blown off. He kept in contact with me a lot though so I was never on the back burner entirely. Anyway, Sunday rolls around and I have spent a ridiculous amount of time in the bath tub reading a book. He texts me saying he’s burned out and I say I’d give him a back rub if I could. He says “you can!” and I turn this into an invitation to see him. I’m clever like that.

At first there was hesitance since it was getting late, but I didn’t mind. 6:15 on Sunday night? An hour drive? Yeah I could get in a few hours in and still get home at a reasonable hour. That, and I really wanted to see him. Like really REALLY wanted to. So after a little back and forth, I take off for Maryland.

Normally I’d be really against me making so much effort and having the who’s driving to who so out of balance. Yeah, normally. But this doesn’t feel wrong to me. That being said, it’s still his turn to come to me next go round.

Anyway, so I headed over and lived up to my promise of a back rub. We watched True Blood and got a little cuddly in the living room, but then went into his room to hang out when his mom got home. Can I just tell you what a fucking teenager I felt like? I was giggling like a jackass about it all and enjoying every minute of it.

Time seems to disappear when I hang out with him and it was getting late. It was at that point I joked about falling asleep right there and he told me I was welcome to stay. Reality was I probably could not have made it home without having to stop or grab something to keep me awake. I was secretly relieved when he offered me half of his bed. I was also very relieved that I had a spare contact lens case in my purse. SCORE!

We’re not rushing anything so I waited for the light to go off before I removed my pants and bra. I can’t sleep in those things but I wasn’t going to make a production of it either. I stayed half clothed in a t-shirt and panties and then curled up next to him.

Then he spooned me and wrapped me up in his big arms… and I just melted right into him. I already feel this amazing sense of calm when I’m around him, but this? This was like being the missing puzzle piece. It felt so natural and so nice. That doesn’t happen for me with every guy. It’s pretty rare, actually. But here I was comfy and cozy with this guy.

And then he started kissing the back of my neck and shoulders/back area. Eventually I rolled over part way to kiss him back and woah boy, the making out began. There isn’t much more I can bring myself to say (really – I don’t even want to say this much) other than it was amazing and sweet and it went on for quite a while. I was launched out of Stupidville and right into Blissville. But that’s it. There was nothing more than kissing and snuggling and sleeping. Like I said, we’re going slow and we’re not crossing that line yet.

He was asleep before I was. After the initial panic washed over me, I fell asleep too. I can’t explain it, but lately I get this crazy irrational fear that something is going to happen to my apartment or my furry babies while I’m gone. So once I went through the mental checklist of “oh fuck, did I turn the right lights on/off? Did I turn the stove off?” bullshit, I think I finally calmed myself down enough to drift off to the sounds of my bed companion snoring away.

When I woke up, I had to face the reality of driving back across the Beltway. After a sweet goodbye, I headed off to hell. In the rain. Two accidents (them) and one near accident (me) later, I was finally back to my house. Everything was still intact and it turns out my dog has the capability of being awesome because she didn’t leave me any gifts to clean up.

I hoped right in the shower, got dressed, and headed for work. I got there 5 minutes early. You couldn’t wipe the smile off my face all day even if you tried.

And yes, he did contact me later on that day. And today. Weeeeee!


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  1. I love that you are happy. You didn’t say so I am asuming no sex, which would be amazing if that were the case! I would love to see you take things really slow, it would be a good way to start for a change and see how that works out!

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