bullet pointed chaos


I have so many entries started and nothing to tie them together. Every time I write, I feel like I’m forgetting something. So here is a bullet point (except with little hearts ♥ instead of bullets cuz they’re cute!) post to touch on every subject and hopefully I use it as a spring board to write more.

♥ A few weekends ago, I got to finally meet a very good friend of mine. He found me courtesy of my original D-land blog back in the day and 4 years later he have evolved into one of my closest friends on the planet. Well the stars aligned after all this time and I got to play tour guide of DC… and of my body. *zing!* It was pretty fucking stellar and a one time only deal. The best part? We’re still friends and there’s zero weirdness. SCORE!

♥ I got a match via eHarmony and thought holy shit, it steered me right for a change! We talked a lot leading up to the first date and all was well. I thought okay, dude is easy to talk to and enjoy his communication so far. We had a first date and I thought it went pretty well until the very end where awkwardness took over, but overall a success. Second date gets set up for this past weekend. I was already planning to be in his area so we set up plans… and then fucker disappeared on me and went MIA mid-drive to his house. To say I was salty over this would be like saying the sky is blue. Where am I now on this? Unknown.

♥ I need to learn how to sew. I can cross stitch and I can do a myriad of other things, but sew? Use a sewing machine? FALSE. I need to make some covers for my couch cushions because between 15 years of abuse, a husky with killer claws, and 2 cats… well its quickly shredding to bits and I don’t want to buy a new couch yet. Thus, I need to learn to sew and to make me some cushion covers. Volunteers welcome!

♥ The voice track dubbing on my TV is off on about half of my channels and is probably the worst on Bravo. You don’t even want to know just how deeply this disturbs me.

♥ After recent dating disasters, I’m thinking that getting laid should be my primary goal. Sex has always been something that has carried me through between relationships. And who has been that someone that is ALWAYS there to satisfy that itch? Stone. The minute we all accept that Stone has never truly left, the better it will be. So yeah, he’s back. No, I don’t have a single feeling towards him other than adoration, but that’s not a new feeling. No, I won’t be stupid about it. And yeah, I’ve been using real names in this blog all along, but for some reason it feels weird to call him anything other than Stone when I write about him so I think as a tribute type thing, I’m going to leave it that way.

♥ I’m taking a break from dating for a weeks. I can’t deal with the bullshit anymore especially after dude above went MIA on me. FAIL!

♥ Some where along the way, I caught myself a chest cold. It’s marvelous. I feel like hell and then get stoned on DayQuil to the point where I may not feel better, but God damn it, I won’t remember it! Seriously. There’s a good 2 hours worth of work today that I simply cannot recall. I’ve seriously underestimated DayQuil in the past. The bitch of this is that I’m already on antibiotics for my cooter (see previous vaginae entry) but they clearly aren’t doing a damn thing for my chest. Fan-fucking-tastic.

♥ I’m taking full advantage of being single and making the most out of my weekends. I’ve got a lot of traveling scheduled and I’m going to meet a lot of people. I turn 29 in June and I’ve decided to visit both of my wives. Steph is my Canadian wife and is the original. D is my American wife and is married to me on FB. I am driving down to see D mid-June and take a beach weekend with her as a birthday gift to myself. Then Steph and her man are coming to stay with me for a few days at the end of June and I’m so excited about this, I could burst into a million little fluttery pieces of me!

♥ I got awesome news at work and it seems as though I’m going to be secure for another year and a half at least. That means I may be entering my 5th year in this apartment come December. You know, unless I meet Mr. Wonderful between now and then and make other plans.

♥ I have a work related trip next weekend to Atlanta. Is there any one in Atlanta that wants to entertain me for a few hours here and there between my duties? Holla!

♥ I just coughed so hard I peed a little. Better than peeing a lot. God, I’m sexy!


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  1. Some pirate you know has:
    1) a sewing machine
    2) a gazillion needles for hand sewing
    3) a plethora of crafty stuff needed for sewing
    4) infinite patience
    5) curtains that need to be made that can help teach a person how to use a sewing machine
    6) a birthday coming up which might mean a few extra dollars to go fabric shopping (Ikea has amazing fabrics!)

    In case you were serious. I’m no master seamstress, but I got a few skills.

  2. Wow. Stone? Blast from the past. I think I saw a glimpse of the former Pea. Not that that is bad by any means. You just made me a little nostalgic!

    As for sewing? Ummmmm, my sewing consists of hot glue and staples. No lie.

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