I talk about a vagina in this one


I have two new rules commandments with this new blog:

1.) thou shalt not post whilst hormonal/on the rag
2.) thou shalt not post whilst shitfaced

So between monthly billing at work, traveling out of town, getting my period, and having a fucking grand old time with PMS leading up to it, I went MIA on my writing.

It’s not like stuff hasn’t been going on though.

I’ve taken on a part time job helping my dad out. We’ll see how that goes and how the payment structure works since technically I work for his employer assisting him. It’s moderately complicated and I have to rely on my father actually communicating with me for it to work. So far it’s… well let’s not comment on it. I need the money boost if I plan on getting new tries for my Explorer in the near future.

I also met a guy. Yenta did her job and so far so good. I haven’t wanted to talk about him because I actually kind of like him. It seems like I get overly female, worry about everything, and don’t want to jinx it by saying anything whenever there’s a guy I actually kinda dig. So that’s all I’m gonna say on that because I’m working on another date with the unnamed male. Shhhhhhhhhhhh!

I started reading again too and that eats up my brain power. Seeing as I have so little to spare lately, this is quite a feat. I’m currently stuck in the vampire genre, but frankly I have been since I was a wee teen reading Anne Rice books so am I really that surprised that I devour them now in a matter of hours? Nope. I also like young adult books. There, I said it. I’m pushing 30 and I’d rather read the Percy Jackson books than anything on Oprah’s list. Right now I’m honestly antsy to go read a few more chapters of the current book before I go to bed than I am to write this entry.

That could also be because I’m a little cranky and kind of feeling like shit. As it turns out, one little imbalance below the belt can totally fuck your entire body up. Ugh. I love the fact that I have to ability to grow a human in me at some point, but for the most part having a vagina is more of a hassle than I’d like to admit. Okay wait… the sex thing is also pretty phenomenal, but I can’t recall how that feels right now.

Anyway, I started feeling like hell today, got randomly sick as fuck, and then started hurting like a bitch so I made an appointment and WOOSH! Instant stirrups and culture swabs in delicate areas. Yay. Currently I’m waiting on test results to make sure it’s not something more serious or permanent (thanks to DFL), but right now all signs point to an allergic reaction to new tampons which is possibly turning into an infection. See previous comment about not loving vaginae.

Oh hell. Spell check totally changed that from vaginas to vaginae and I about died laughing! That totally derailed my train of thought and now I can’t think of how to finish this.

Fuck it. I have a bed and a book calling my name.


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  1. Vaginas or vaginae do suck quite often. Men don’t even realize how they luck out with the penis.

    Seeing that you like vampire books, have you ever read the Sookie Stackhouse a.k.a True Blood series?

    • Yeah, I’ve read all of them to date. Waiting for the next one and I’ve pre-ordered it on Amazon. I hate hardback, but I can’t wait a year for another one!

      • Haha, I hear you there I just got the latest one in paperback. I’m trying to decide if my hatred for hard cover will outweight my hatred for waiting.

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