graphic depiction of the perfect male


This is why this man remains one of my best friends in the world. A conversation with Wanton Maleness I had last night:

Me: why do I keep entertaining the thought of these guys who only moderately stimulate me?
Me: as opposed to the ones who get my goat entirely
WM: I have no idea…why do you think?
Me: maybe I don’t think I deserve more?
WM: that could be a reasonable deduction
Me: or they don’t represent themselves accurately on profiles and I don’t figure that out till I add them on facebook
Me: and the one guy who is fucking hot is probably a loser
Me: why can I not find the hot guy into BBWs that is moderately comfortable in life and is also not fucked in the head ?
WM: that’s a lot of stipulations
Me: no its not
Me: its only 4
WM: I figure the more caveats you add on, you lessen your field exponentially
Me: thus I’m sticking to 4
Me: wait, 5
Me: wants a family with me
WM: right
WM: that narrows shit down…here is a super duper fancy graph I made….
WM: the white is where you get all 5
Me: why do I feel like I’m about to burst into laughter?
You have received 1 file from WM: 5things.bmp Open (Alt+Shift+O)

WM: 😀
Me: I am so posting this
WM: Hahaha

And that is why I love him.


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  1. Hi Tovah,

    As someone who doesn’t know you but has followed your blogs over the years, I have a couple of observations/suggestions/ideas about your current dating fiascos.

    First, from your blog it doesn’t appear that you’ve truly mourned Chet and let him go. It’s not because of the length of time, but a couple of posts ago you were doing some reminiscing and I would bet there’s a lot more to do. I’ve been researching and experimenting with emotional healing and would really encourage you to feel all the emotions – scream, cry, feel the crushing ache of hurt etc. Put all that energy into something creative like stream-of-consciousness writing, drawing, baking, gardening and just let it out. Maybe also do a ritual to release him? Cos you can’t truly move on until you’ve really let go. And it can hit you over and over again as the weeks, months, years go (or days, everyone’s different).

    And also, I am wondering how you feel about yourself as a single? I know you want children, have you allowed yourself to really feel everything that comes with being single and vulnerable? Feel it, acknowledge it. And then move on to realise how great you are – with or without a man! And then feel the joy of knowing there’s someone perfect for you coming into your life! You can write a list and do another ritual for attracting a decent man. Just be careful to be exact in your list or you might get what you wished for! Manifesting like this really does seem to work. You write your list, burn it or put it away somewhere and years down the track when you’re in a relationship you suddenly remember about the list and that he’s most of the qualities on it!

    You are attracting all these losers, why not hold off a while and spend the time investing in a great relationship with yourself? You are so worth putting time and effort into! In all the time you’ve spent chatting and texting and searching for these guys, you could probably learn a new skill or do something you’ve always wanted to do? Like learn to tango or write a play or paint or [fill in the gap].

    Obviously, I don’t know you, only read your blog so I might be totally off the mark or you might have already been doing so. I hope you don’t mind my input or that I’ve posted this publicly.

    Wishing you a happy life! xo

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