crash and burn


I keep wanting to write about this guy Bryan, but frankly he exhausts the shit out of me so I never get around to it.

Well no point now really because it’s over anyway.

See… we had these three pretty stellar dates (the most recent of which was in the last entry) and two relatively uncalm disagreements over the course of two weeks. Not exactly the foundation for love there.

There were some fundamental differences between us and I saw a few right off the bat, but I thought we get along great in person, great online, and great on the phone so something had the potential to grow there. Or so I thought. One of the biggest issues is that the guy does NOT make it clear when he’s joking and when he isn’t. I am a pretty good reader of faces and this guy had a poker face half the time so how the hell can I discern a joke from seriousness?

The final date was Sunday and I was already in emotional turmoil over Chet, then I started to feel some potential with Bryan, but then Bryan got fucking weird on me and some things he said got under my skin (and he can claim he was joking, but it sure as fuck didn’t come out that way) and I kinda just lost it when he left. My brain went downhill very quickly resulting in that last post.

Naturally Monday I got news at work that I wasn’t prepared for, tried to tell him via text that I needed to talk about it later (because I couldn’t call and work was insanely busy) and instead of being supportive or saying we could talk about it when I got home, he shut down and went into self protective defensive mode and got weird on me. Gee, thanks a pants load! I need support and you freak out instead.

Suffice to say, this turned into another patented text messaging battle (the third one if you’re keeping score) when I got home and it got ugly. Extremely fucking ugly. He made a comment about my relationship with Chet (knowing zero facts because I didn’t give him much info when probed previously) and said “No wonder Chet left you”.

Line: crossed.

And yet some how after 4 hours of this shit it turned out… okay… and we decided to be friends. I think? I’m still boggled as to how that result occurred.

Flash forward to Tuesday and instead of a text war, he calls me and it turns into yet another argument. I finally lashed back out and told him everything I ever thought to say to him and yeah, ugly once again.

The end result of our battle: I’m crazy and living in a dream world because I don’t believe relationships should be hard. Yes, they take a lot of work, but they should not be so difficult. It should be easy when it’s the right person.

Guess who agrees with me? EVERY HAPPY COUPLE I KNOW!

Guess who disagrees with me? Yup. “I’m older than you and have seen more than you. Everything in life is hard. You’re living in a dream world if you think otherwise. So was your grandmother if that was her advice.”

Line: crossed for the second time.

Okay, seriously? Three good dates and then two disagreements and two vicious arguments all in the span of two weeks? REALLY??? He seems to think this is fine and normal and I absolutely do NOT! The beginning of dating should be carefree and Yeah it was doomed and I put my foot down saying I could do the friend thing but that was it. I’m damn near fed up with that at the moment too because he keeps leaving snarky comments on my Facebook page and/or acting like nothing happened. Passive aggressive bullshit abounds and I have just about had my limit. And yet I keep him around. Why exactly?

I need a swift kick to the head.


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  1. girl! I completely agree that relationships should not be hard. that goes for romatic and otherwise. I don’t feel like it should feel like work. If it’s right, it fits, and it isn’t work. it’s fun and freeing and in some ways completes something you need.
    fuck the shouldn’t be that hard.
    nope nope nope.

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