the stress bone


So I’ve been getting these headaches almost daily now and then waking up hella nauseous every morning. Well the morning sickness has been kinda par for the course since I was about 16 so I never read much into it. I only worry when it leads to actual puking. Then I worry. Naturally because of my insanely stupid moment a few weeks ago, everyone assumed I was knocked up.

Anyway, after thinking it through and knowing it wasn’t a seamonkey immaculately conceived and germinating in my womb causing all the tummy troubles, I figured out whats been going on with this sack of bones. I went to my dentist (aka my uncle) a few weekends ago to have him check out my tooth and the fucker is cracking. Well why is it cracking? Because I apparently like to clench the fuck out of my jaw at night and guess who has TMJ? This girl! So basically I convert stress into severely tight knots in my back and into grinding the shit out of my jaw. This is causing my molar to crack which causes a great deal of pain at random intervals.

Well all this clenching is happening at night and when I’m not thinking about it like when I’m concentrating or writing (like right now actually, damn it) and the tension rests in my jaw which travels to my neck. I don’t sleep well because of this and I wake up sore. All the pain plus lack of sleeping makes me quite sick to my stomach. Are we seeing the pattern yet?

Pretty simple when it comes down to it, but I don’t have the solution yet. When I saw the dentist, he said a bite guard should correct the problem because I will stop pushing my teeth out of line with my other teeth and take the pressure off my cracking tooth. So since he’s in Maryland and it’s an hour away, I got impressions for a bite guard while I was there. It would have been ready in a few days, but because of distance, my job, and the lack of gas money, I couldn’t get back for the fitting until a Saturday appointment was available and that mean not until the 10th.

And there we have it. The stress bone’s connected to the jaw bone. The jaw bone’s connected to the neck bone. The neck bone’s connected to the headache bone. The headache bone’s connected to nausea bone. Lather, rinse repeat ad nauseum.

Knowing what the problem is makes me hyper aware of it and it’s like the headaches have amplified. It’s interfered with just about everything. Dating has been mostly postponed. Feeling like shit physically has made me feel like shit emotionally. I’ve been a hermit and the dog is suffering from it a bit. So has this blog. Yes, I have more to update on including more tales from Yenta Mom, a new boy I’ve started to date that I’m unsure of, a few others I kind of want to pursue, accounts I’ve closed, updates on my family life, and my fucking awesome dog. I’ll get there.

Just a few more days till the bite guard and then hopefully some much needed relief.


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