eye see you


Friday basically sucked and I was a very unhappy camper. Chet finally replied to an email and we had a decent exchange about getting his aquarium back to him (long story not worth telling) and it was bizarre that he was being so nice to me. Or at least I thought he was being nice until I had my friend Tony read them and he said “that’s nice?” Suddenly I realized how skewed my view has been for the last few years. To say I felt confused for the next few hours would be an understatement. I was kinda grumpy until I got home and saw that my dog was happy to see me. Pets = happy.

So after I changed out of my work clothes and into my loungey clothes, I went to play with Nola and she, in return, decided it was time to go into dipshit crazy mode. She rolled onto her back, kicked her legs, and I didn’t move fast enough before WHAM! Kick to the head and punch to the eye. I figured I’d just been scratched to shit except suddenly I felt this trickle of blood and then the trickle turned into a gush and woah there, my face is covered in blood. Yay!

Turns out numbnuts scratched my eyelid and split it wide open. It was a pretty deep cut too and I’m lucky that it didn’t take my eye out, scratch my eye, or do anything else. I went to rinse my lid as well as grab a towel and some ice. It was pretty bad so after a quick change of clothes and a hunt for my insurance card, it was off to urgent care. Lucky me, it’s literally right down the road about 3 miles. Despite being a walk-in, they took me right back and by then the bleeding had stopped but the throbbing began.

I was lucky and didn’t need stitches. They used this stuff called “dermabond” which is basically super glue for your skin and sealed me right up. I was in and out of there in 45 minutes exactly. It was a hell of an ending to an already bad day.

Naturally I took pictures post-clean up. Not too bad, but not pretty either so I won’t post them on this, but you can view here. Today of course my entire eyelid is purpley pink and swollen as fuck. I’m not entirely sure I want to share that photo. Lets just say it’s not pretty, but I think I’ll have a wicked awesome scar soon!


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