I know my twitter has been kind of cryptic. I’m sure it’s a great big WTF??? to everyone. So let me sum up.

Last weekend I had my first real date since leaving Chet. The date itself was meh. It left me feeling like maybe I’d made the wrong choice and oh fuck? Was it too late to get Chet back???? Yeah well after I regained my senses and pulled my head out of my ass, I went to bed. I woke up the next morning and called my mom. We had a good conversation and then I told her

“Mom, I could wake up tomorrow, meet the man of my dreams, and be married in 6 months.” She said “stranger things have happened.”

5 hours later, I met Larry…

EDIT: and then I deleted this rest of this post because he turned out to be a rebound and a douchebag and no one needs to read about that. I also deleted everything that went along with him. It was way too fast, way too sudden, and I was way too vulnerable. I fell for a lie because it was easy and it was the exact opposite of my entire relationship with Chet. But who hasn’t done this at some point? Oh well… it ended and I deleted his existance from my life. The end.


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  1. First off, thanks for giving me a pass to read here 🙂 Much appreciated!

    Secondly, I know what it is to go “really fast” in a relationship. But then again, who gets to define what “too fast” is? I feel like there is a lot of pressure on couples to avoid going “too fast” and so they try to rein in their natural inclinations, and for what?

    The way I look at it, life is short. If I died tomorrow, do you think I would regret going “too fast”? I doubt it.

    I asked Aiden to move in with me after having known him a grand total of four months, and while I am sure many people would argue that it’s crazy, the question is, why? Granted he didn’t end up moving in until we had been together almost seven months, but even that is apparently “too fast” to some.

    I don’t think anyone else should be able to impose their ideas regarding “too fast” on other people. Nor do I wish to indulge this irrational sensation that somewhere, there is some arbitrary relationship timeline that we are supposed to follow, and perhaps we are doing it wrong, even though it feels right to us.

    Where is the fun in dragging things out anyway?

    I wish you the best in this budding relationship and look forward to reading you regularly again 🙂


  2. WOAH! YEAH! I’m very happy to read all this (I will try and be a better commenter). I am very happy for you!!

    I hope his name isn’t Phil and I hope he doesn’t live in country PA! Haha, sure he doesn’t but stay away from anyone called that who lives there! Ha! At least you said “fishing town” I dont think Waynesboro is a fishing town 🙂

    There’s nothing wrong with moving fast – Stef and I did and we have never ever looked back. xox

  3. I’m just happy to see you happy! I am the last person to pass judgement, afterall, you know all my dirty little secrets and were there for me during the hard part of it all. Thanks for letting me in =)

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