a fresh start


I’ve had many incarnations of this blogging thing. I always felt the need to separate one side of myself from another. Some times I was forced to. Other times it was by choice.

Well fuck that. Not any more.

I live alone in a 2 bedroom apartment in a suburb of DC up in Northern Virginia. I have a dog and two cats that I love and adore. I have the worlds most amazing mother. I have a crazy family that I love despite their flaws. I have an interesting past. I have a bright future.

I believe in love, God, fate, karma, reincarnation, good, evil, light, dark, and myself. I will freely express any of this any time I want to.

This is my life and I’m ready for the unabridged full fledged first edition version of it. Are you? If you are, by all means you’re welcome to read it. If you just want to criticize, your opinion will be null and void.

Either way, here I am.


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